1. While in ACE, navigate to Operations -> Sales tab -> Sales. When the Sales screen opens, click Access [F11] at the top of the screen, then select [F1] RETURNS.

2. The Returns window appears, which gives you the ability to Search invoices to return by Customer, or by invoice number. You can also scan the barcode at the bottom of a receipt to open that invoice for Return from the main sales screen.

3. You have a few different options here that help you to select products to return from an invoice.

Click Accept when you are ready to return the items that were added into the section on the right-hand side. Select a reason for return, or add a new reason. Green options will return that quantity to inventory, while red options have been setup to not return that quantity back into your inventory.

4. Tender as you would in a normal sale, and select the tender type to return the amount to for the customer.