Step-by-step guide

1. Go to Operations > Sales > Sales.

2. Type in Repair in the Item field and it will add to the sales screen. If you have more than one repair item in your inventory, a screen with a list of repairs will open. Select the one that you want. 

3. In the Repair/Special Order screen, fill in the applicable details (Item, Repair, Special Instructions, Price), or preset some default comments.  When finished, click on Accept

4. On the Repair Status screen, add the repair status. When finished, click Accept

5. The repair sale will be added to the Sales screen. 

6. A customer is required to create a Repair order. Enter their name in the Customer field. In this example, we’ll assume we have an established customer. If you don't have a customer and want to add one, see How to Add a Customer from the Sales Screen.

7. Press the Enter key or click on the Accept button to go to the Deposit screen. Enter the Deposit Payment, Days to Pick Up, and the Due Date. When finished, click on Accept.

8. At the Payment screen, complete the sale of the Repair like any other sale.