This article will describe how to finish an inventory count after having frozen the inventory. To see how to do a manual inventory count, see How to do a Manual Inventory Count.

Step-by-step guide

1. To continue an inventory count you already started, go to Operations > Inventory > Inventory Count

2. This will open the inventory worksheet with the last count that you froze. Click on the unfinished inventory count, then click on either Load or Continue (we’ll use Load for this example).

3. This will open the inventory worksheet with your last count at inventory freezing. Click on Finalize at the top of the worksheet.

4. In the Process screen, choose from the following options:

  • The first option will enter all of the counted items into the system and anything not counted will be zeroed out. Only choose this option if you've completed your entire inventory count - otherwise any items uncounted will just become zero in the system. Choosing this option is irreversible. 
  • The second option will enter all of the counted items into the system and items that have a negative quantity (i.e. OH Qty is negative and the Count/Final Qty is 0). Items with a positive OH Qty and a count of 0 will not be affected.
  • The last option will enter all of the counted into the system, and everything not counted will unaffected. This option is the one you should use if you did not finish counting every item.

When you have clicked one of the options, click Start Final Processing, or, if you need to, one of the following options:

  • Cancel Final Processing: Will cancel the operation and take you back to Inventory count screen.
  • Clear All Adjustments: Will clear all the quantity adjustments you have done.
  • Void All Scans without Posting: Will void all scans done by a scanner (so you can re-input it again). 

5. In this example, we’ll choose Start Final Processing. Choose Yes on the confirmation screen (depending on the option you chose).

6. Wait until the process has completed, then click OK.

7. The scan is completed. To view updated quantities, go to Operations > Inventory > Worksheet.