While processing a sale, it may be necessary to delete an item or cancel the sale altogether. Whether a sales person is permitted to cancel a sale will depend on company’s preferences. You can manage a salesperson’s level of security access in the Security Settings, so we'll see how to change that first.

Step-by-step guide


1. Go to Setup > Security & Users > Security.

2. Under the Operation & Access tab, the following boxes should be checked off to allow sales & returns:

  • Edit/Delete last line
  • Edit/Delete any of Entered line
  • Void/Cancel Current Invoice
  • Edit/Void Previous Invoice

3. Once you’ve checked off the appropriate boxes relating to returns and cancels, head back to the Sales screen and make your sale.

4. If you press quit while in the middle of a sale, you can cancel it. To void a previous invoice, click Revisit after making the sale, select the invoice, and click Void.