In Shopify:

  • Orders in Shopify must be unarchived.
  • Customers can only checkout using email 
    • Shopify Admin > Settings > Checkout


  • Before you post your web orders to ACE:

                1. Setup ACE to mirror the Tax setting in Shopify.

                        - Contact ACE POS Support for assistance.

                2. Setup a Tender type that will identify the web orders (i.e. Shopify Payments).

                        - Contact ACE POS Support for assistance.

  • To download any new web orders from Shopify to ACE: 
  • Click on the List New Web Orders button in the Web Sales screen.
  • Once you've listed (downloaded) the new web orders, highlight the order(s) you want to post to ACE as an invoice and click the Post Web Sales To ACE button.


When posting the first web order to ACE, you will have to map the Shopify Taxes to the ACE Taxes and the Shopify Payment Method to the ACE Tender type.

  • Once the web order(s) has been posted to ACE as an Invoice, you can review this invoice in Operations > Sales > ReVisit screen. This operation will deduct the quantity of the products in ACE and will keep the inventory level synchronized in both systems. 


The format of the invoice #s for web orders in ACE will be 1-Web-XXXX-YYYY where XXXX is the Shopify Order # and YYYY is the ACE Invoice #.

  • You can view the shipping charges in ACE by going to Operations > Sales > ReVisit screen. Locate the Invoice that was posted, click Edit > Change (F12) > PO Details.


The ACE-Shopify webstore integration module has an Automatic Post by Schedule feature but it is highly recommended that you list and post the Shopify order to ACE manually using the above steps after orders are fulfilled and shipped out. While Shopify inventory quantities are updated automatically after an order is placed, the inventory quantity in ACE for any products  ordered will only automatically change AFTER orders are downloaded (listed) and posted from Shopify.

Key ACE-Shopify Integration Tips

  • Never delete products uploaded from ACE in Shopify.

  • After products are uploaded from ACE to Shopify, you should never edit the PLU and/or Descriptionof products in ACE and/or Shopify.
    • If you need to edit the PLU and/or Description of any products uploaded to Shopify, Delete Item from Webstore first, edit the PLU and/or Description and re-upload from ACE to Shopify.
    • All other product fields should also be edited in ACE and re-sent manually using the Update Item(s) to Webstore button.

  • Avoid using special characters (i.e. @, #, $, %, ^, &, etc) in your PLU.

  • Gift Cards from ACE and Shopify don't integrate with each other.

  • For matrix products
    • It is recommended that you group your variants by price and not by color, size, or material.
    • Due to the limitation within Shopify of only 3 dimensions, you will need to make changes to your matrix within ACE to be able to integrate any 4-dimensional matrix items to Shopify. Please contact the ACE POS Support Team for more details regarding the option to automatically merge 3rd and 4th dimensions in ACE to 1 single dimension to allow for matrix integration with an integrated Shopify store. Please note that this option is only recommended for ACE users with integrated Shopify stores and that have 4-dimensional products and need to retain their past sales history. This option is NOT recommended for any HO customers or non-Shopify integration customers as it is irreversible once it is utilized in ACE.
    • If you have already uploaded a matrix product with 1 dimension (i.e Color) and 2 colors (i.e. Red and Blue) and you decide to add a new color (i.e White) and quantity, ACE will automatically upload this new color to the product in Shopify.


If you have already uploaded a matrix product with 1 dimension (i.e. Color) and you decide to add a new dimension (i.e. Size) with options (i.e. Small, Medium, Large), ACE will NOT automatically upload these new information to the product in Shopify. 

You will need to Delete the Item from Webstore and re-upload it.


  • Integrating some Shopify apps, such as inventory managers, with your Shopify store may cause issues with your ACE-Shopify integration. Please test any Shopify apps thoroughly before switching on another integration to your Shopify store if it is linked with ACE. In particular, any third-party Shopify integration that changes your prices, PLUs, or handles will interfere with the ACE-Shopify integration functions.