ScanNow is a mobile stock take application that can be used on any Android device. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store here

Step-by-step guide

1. After opening the ScanNow app for the first time, you will see the Welcome to ScanNow screen. Tap the arrow at the bottom right.

2. Under How would you like to scan? if you are using a regular Android device, choose Phone Camera. If you are using the CipherLab RS30, select that and tap next.

3. In How would you like to get started? You have 3 options.

  • Integrate with ACE Retail 3000: To integrate with ACE, you will need to have previously purchased an integration with ACE Retail POS. You can purchase an integration by clicking here.
  • Import a text file: Tap this to import a tab delimited file filled with your inventory to be your database.
  • Just start scanning: Tap this if you don't want to import any inventory items in - this will allow you to start scanning immediately, but you won't have any inventory items in ScanNow initially. If you select this option, skip to step 12.

4. If you select Import a text file, you will arrive at the Import screen. Here, you can import a tab delimited text file into ScanNow as your database. Press Browse to search in your phone for a tab delimited file. When you have selected the file, tap the pencil icon next to Mapping to map the spreadsheet.

5. When Mapping the spreadsheet, you have to align the headers in the text file with the headers in ScanNow. For example, to map Barcode, tap the dropdown menu next to Barcode and select BARCODE (this is the header in the text file).

6. After you have finished mapping the spreadsheet, tap save. On the Import screen, tap Import data from tab delimited file. This will import all of the items from the text file into ScanNow. A popup will appear asking if you want to overwrite the data - tap Yes. After importing the data, tap the back arrow at the top left.

7. You will be at the main ScanNow screen. To see your inventory, tap Inventory Search.

8. On the Inventory Search screen, you will see all of the items in your database. You can search for items by typing in the entire or partial description, SKU, or Barcode in the search field. Tap the trashcan on the top right to delete items - please note that imported items cannot be deleted. To edit an item, select an item by tapping on it and then tap on it again - this will open the Product Details screen.

9. On the Product Details screen, you can see the Description, SKU, Barcode, QTY on Hand, Total Count, and Price. To edit these values, simply tap the box you want to edit and type in your corrections - note that imported items also cannot be edited.

10. If you go back to the Inventory Search screen, there is an Add Item icon at the bottom. Tap this to add an item. It will display a blank Product Details screen where you can fill in the details of the item. Tap Save when you are done.

11. To do an inventory count: On the Inventory Search screen, tap the back arrow on the top left to go to the main ScanNow screen and tap Inventory Count.

12. On the Inventory Count screen, you have 3 options: Add, Find, and Scan.

  • Add: Create an item to add to your inventory count.
  • Find: Search for an item to add to your count.
  • Scan: Scan items using your camera to add to your count.

You can also Quick Add items by typing in the barcode on the field at the top.

13. After adding an item, you can tap the +1, -1, or numerical keyboard icon in the bottom right to change your count quantities.

14. You can also toggle between the Scanner and manual entry by tapping the toggle key at the bottom. 

15. If you press back after finishing your inventory count, it will automatically save and display the Count History page. You can have multiple count batches on the Count History page, but you can only send one count batch to ACE at a time. You can also create a new count by tapping the icon at the bottom.

16. To send your count batch to ACE or email the count as a csv file, tap and hold the count on the Count History page. Tap Send by Email to email the count as a csv file. Tap Send to ACE to send the count to ACE (NOTE: you can only send the count to ACE if you have already purchased an integration. To purchase an integration, click here.) You can also delete the count by tapping delete.