The ACE POS Online Reporting Tool gives you remote access to your ACE reports from any web browser at any location.

Step-by-step guide

3. When you are on the ACE Retail Online Reports page. Under Client Name, enter the name of your Database. Under Username and Password, enter the User ID and Password you use to normally sign in to ACE.

4. When you are logged in, the main screen will show you any recently run reports, and a sidebar will show you all of the reports available.

You can also access your recently run reports by clicking Recently Run at the top.

5. To show or hide the sidebar, click the x on the sidebar or click the icon with three horizontal bars.

6. You can access any of your reports from the sidebar. For example, here we'll select Customers - Aged Accounts Receivable.

6. The main screen will now display all of the settings that you can customize.

In the Aged Accounts Receivable report, these settings are:

  • As Of: Selecting the calendar icon will allow you to change the date that the report starts at.

  • Store Name: Change which store the report is for.
  • Balance

  • Compare Value
  • Period

7. When you are done, click Run Report.

8. The report will then display on the screen.

9. You can configure the report again by clicking Report Configuration at the top.

10. To download the report, click Download/Show As.