Kits are unique inventory items that are combinations of multiple different items.

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to Operations > Sales > Sales

2. Before you can utilize a kit in a sale, you must enter it as an inventory item. In the Item field, type in the PLU or a description of a previously created kit, for example, Baking Gift Set

3. The Kit Product will be transferred to the Sales screen. 

4. Click on Edit at the bottom of the Sales screen.

5. On the Kit Details screen, start scanning or entering the kit items in the upper right corner (Beside [F5] button).

6. You can also search for items by clicking F5. In the Search Products screen, click on the Binoculars button to see a list of all items.  

7. Click on the items you want to select to highlight them.

8. Click on the Select button to add items to the Kit Details list.

9. Once you return to the Kit Details screen, adjust the quantity for each item by clicking in the bar under Final Qty. Based on the item quantity, the final price will be calculated (Note: The quantity can be edited at any point of the sale).

10. Make sure the Show Kit Details option at the bottom of the screen is checked off (for the kit parts to be printed on the invoice).

11. Click on Accept when you’re finished. 

12. You will return to the Sales screen with all components and the final price of the kit.

13. Add a customer in the Customer Field to finalize the sale, then proceed to the Payment screen to sell the item.