If you have parked or otherwise paused multiple sales for a customer on the sales screen, you can view all of them in a list easily.

Step-by-step guide

1. To view existing Layaways/Orders, simply enter the Customer name at the Sales screen and then press the Enter key to see any outstanding transactions.

2. To the right you’ll see several options:

  • Click on Edit [F12] if you would like to change (for example, if you want to add or delete products).
  • Click on Invoice to pay off the full amount and complete the sale.
  • Click on Deposit to add more to the deposited amount.
  • Click on Void to erase the document completely.
  • Click on Preview/Print to print.

3. If you click on Deposit, fill out the amount of the deposit in the Deposit window.

TIP: You can also create an invoice at the Deposit screen by clicking on Invoice. The final receipt will show full amount with all prior deposits paid. The item will be taken out of Inventory and your financial report will show this as a sale. 

4. Click on Accept and process the transaction as per usual.