Customer statements allow you to see all of the invoices a customer has made between two dates, including any outstanding balances that need to be paid.

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to Operations > Customers > Customers.

2. Click on Find at the top of the Customer Maintenance screen to locate a customer.

3. On the List of Customers screen, search for a customer by typing in the name into the Search bar and clicking on the Search button.

4. Click on the customer from the field below to highlight, then click on Select.

5. Now click on the Statement button to view the account statement for the selected customer.

6. Choose a range of dates in the Customer Statement window. Then choose either Transaction Based or Open Balance.

7. To view the transaction on the screen, click on the Preview button to launch the Customer Preview statement. 

8. To print a copy of the transaction, click on the Print button.