Information available in the worksheet can be directly edited quickly and easily. 

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to Operations > Inventory > Worksheet

2. Click on the Search icon to bring up items to the worksheet according to your criteria (such as inventory type, vendor, department, brand, etc.).

3. Highlight the items you would like to change (To select more than one item, simply hold down the Ctrl key while right-clicking your selected items with your mouse, or hold down the Shift key while selecting items to highlight a group).

4. Click the Highlight and Change button at the top of the screen to view the Work-sheet Change screen.

5. Fill out the fields that you want to change. In Price Calculation, you can add a new price, as well as increase or decrease a price. You can also select from Picture Gallery, Inventory Type, or Web Item.

6. You can adjust the Cost, Pack Name, Pack Quantity, and other qualities.

7. You can also change from Department to Vendor, as well as adjust the Menu, Shelf/Isle, and Rental Rate/Group

8. You can also delete selected items from the worksheet by clicking on the Delete button. To Delete Selected Items, they must have Zero, Negative, or Positive quantity on hand, and they cannot have any history attached to them, otherwise you won’t be able to delete them.