Depending on the nature of your business, you may find it useful to use preset discount rates. The purpose of this function is to maximize your time by offering quick access to the discounts. ACE 3000 enables discount rates to be assigned to buttons and keys for quick access from the sales screen.

Step-by-step guide

1. Go to Defaults > Sales > Discount.

2. From this screen, up to twelve Buttons/keys can be programmed with specific discounts:

  • Function Keys: Select the function keys to be associated with discounts.
  • Discount %: Set the percentage to be discounted from total.  (E.g. 5%).
  • Discount $: Set the dollar amount to be discounted from total (e.g. $5.00).
  • Sell For $: Set the total discounted sale price (e.g. Sale price is $5.00).
  • Ask for Reason: Ask for reason when applying discounts.
  • Suggested Reason: Apply a reason for a discount.
  • Must Have Reason: You need a reason to apply this discount.
  • Manual Discount: Check to apply discounts manually.
  • Apply “Max Manual Discount [F9]” restriction to Promotion and PriceList: Use to apply a max discount to a promotion or pricelist.
  • Promotion Price Decimal Digit(s):  Set the digits here.

The next time you make a sale, you can apply these discount by pressing the discount key on the sales screen and selecting the one that applies.