Step-by-step guide

1. Go to Operations > Inventory > Buy x Get One Free.

2.  In the promotion screen, click on Add Group and a blank line will appear on the left part of the screen. Type in the name of the promotion group (in this case, 2 for 1 Promotion.)

3. Click on Add Detail to add items for the promotion.

4. In the Search Products screen, click the Search icon to see all store products. 

5. Highlight items that you will add for the promotion and click Select

6. All selected items will be added to the group. 

7. To remove an item from the promotion list, highlight it and click on Delete from Detail

8. Next to Quantity Needed, set the quantity required to qualify for the free item. To set a period for the promotion, select dates Start From and End To. To keep the promotion for an indefinite period, leave those fields blank. In the For Purchase Within field, set the time limit defining how long a customer has to get the promotional item. 

9. You can restrict the promotion only to members of a specific member group by selecting a member group from the list next to Members Only. Select a Vendor if the promotion is provided by the vendor, and check mark the fields at the bottom of the screen as needed. 

10. When done, click on Save. You can now offer this promotion from Sales Screen.