Step-by-step guide

1. Go to Operations > Inventory > Inventory

2. From the Inventory screen, click on Add at the top. 

3. In the Type of Product field, select the Gift Card/Certificate option. 

4. Now enter the Description, Vendor, Department, Picture, and other applicable details. Leave the Price and Cost blank, as those will be added at the time of sale. Click on Save when finished. 

5. You will be brought back to the Inventory screen with the Gift Card added as inventory. In the PLU field under the Details tab, enter the first half of the data string supplied by your card manufacturer, (for example, %ACE=0000000001?), enter %ACE=. Be sure to enter ALL of the data, including the % sign and the = sign.

7. Under Other Info, set the expiry date if applicable, as well as any other desirable details. Also, make sure the tax rates are put to zero. Click on Save at the top to complete. Your Gift Card is now ready to use.