Step-by-step guide

1. Go to Operations > Vendors & Purchases > Returns

2. Choose a vendor from the drop-down menu. Then click on New Return. You can also change the date if needed.

3. Click on OK

4. A new screen will appear. Click on Find at the top.

5. When you arrive at the List of Products screen, leave the Search field blank and click on Enter. This will load all of the products associated with the vendor you selected. Highlight all of the products to be 

returned, then click on Select

6. The items will load in the Returns screen. Put a quantity under the Return column. Be sure to enter the return quantity as negative. 

7. Click on Save to process the Return and continue to the next screen. 

8. Enter the Invoice Number in the Return screen. 

9. If applicable, fill out the Broker and Shipper information under the Broker and Shipper tabs. 

10. When finished, click on Completed to confirm. 

11. You will see another message box to confirm that the return has been processed successfully. Click on Ok to complete the return.