Advanced Reports give you more options to filter information and customize a report to suit your needs.

Step-by-step guide

1. From the main menu, go to Defaults > System > System Settings

2. In the Configurations screen, check off the Merge All Reports Into One Interface option in the bottom right-hand side of the screen. 

3. Click on Save and then Quit. Then go back to the main ACE screen. 

4. Go to Reports > Store Reports > Reports

5. Click on any subjects at the left side (we will try Customers for this example). A reports tree will appear under the subject. 

6. Select the report you want to view. For this example, we will select Customer List under Customers

7. To set your options for the report at the first active tab, click on Report Specific Options. Then click on Next

8. You'll be taken to the Field Settings tab. Here you can set fields that will appear on the report. To add more fields to the report from Not Included fields, click on the field to highlight it and click the right-pointing arrow. To move a field from the Included Fields to the Excluded Fields, click on the field to highlight it, then click on the left-pointing arrow key. 

9. When finished, click on Next. The next tab is Data Filters. Here you can apply filters to customize your report. 

10. Since we've selected Customer List report, let's find all customers who live in Toronto in an area where the postal code starts with M1M. As an example, in the first filter, we've applied City > Equals > Toronto.

11. After you have applied the first filter, click on And to add the filter to the list. 

12. The first filter has been applied. 

13. To apply the second filter, apply Postal > Contains > M1M, then press Enter to add it to the list. 

14. These 2 filters will give us a list of customers living in Toronto whose Postal Code contains M1M. Let's suppose that there is no area in Toronto where the Postal Code contains M1M. In such a case, our filters will yield no result, because we used And for the second filter. If we use Or in the second filter, the customer list will show all customers who live in Toronto, as well as those customers whose postal code contains M1M. So, you have to be thoughtful when deciding whether to use the logical operator And or Or.

You can use an unlimited number of filters to customize your report. You can also remove one or all of the existing filters from Data Filters

15. Click on View to view the report on the screen. This report will show a list of customers with a city field being Toronto and postal code containing M1M.