If a customer is purchasing a gift for someone else, a gift receipt makes it possible for the recipient to return the gift to the store. As well, you may need a second copy of a receipt for your records. If you need to print a gift receipt or you want to reprint an invoice receipt, follow the instructions here. 

Step-by-step guide

1. To reprint an Invoice or print a Gift Receipt, from the click on [Revisit [F10]], located at the top of the Sales Screen.

2. Under Date Selection, select a range of dates for a particular invoice to view a list of invoices.

3. Choose the appropriate Invoice by clicking it once, then click the Print/Email button at the bottom of the screen to reprint it. 

4.  On the Printing Options screen:

  • for gift receipts: select the Gift Receipt button. 
  • for invoices: select Invoice Printer and choose your preferred Layout options. Click on Accept to reprint the invoice.