Reports present information about different business activities and results in a way that is familiar in terms of format and contents. ACE 3000 can generate several types of reports, including: 

  •  Financial Reports
  •  Customer Reports
  •  Vendors Reports
  •  Inventory Reports

For each specific report, you can choose different criteria, such as timeline, customer, department, vendor, brand, and item. Reports displayed on a screen can be saved and printed when you need them.

Step-by-step guide

1.  From the main screen, go to Reports > Store Reports > Reports.

2. In the ACE Reports screen, click on [+] to expand a subject and see all the reports available under the subject.

3. For example, let's click on the [+] next to Inventory to expand the Inventory reports below.

4. Select a report by clicking on it. In this example, we will click on Inventory List.

5. A new screen will load with three tabs labelled Step 1: Report Specific Actions, Step 2: Field Settings, and Step 3: Data Filters. Here you can select any necessary information to be shown on the reports.

6. Select a range of dates.

7. Click on Next to go to the Step 2: Field Settings tab. 

8. In Step 2: Field Settings, you can select which Headers and Details will appear on the reports by clicking on the center arrow buttons.

9. Click on the Next button to go to the Step 3: Data Filters tab. This tab allows you to add Vendors, Departments, Items, and Custom Filters to your reports.

10. Click on the View button to view the report.

11. The report will load in a new window. You can click on the Print button to print out the report, or click on the Email button to email the report.

12. When you are finished, click on the Leave button to exit the Reports window.